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St Petersburg in July: Pros and Cons of Visit

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 13, 2012
Peterhof tulips

July is one of the most popular months to visit St Petersburg, for several reasons.

Firstly, the famous White Nights can be experienced during roughly the first two thirds of July. During the White Nights, people take advantage of the extended daytime hours to visit the parks, have parties, go swimming and revel in the heady atmosphere. The White Nights of St Petersburg have inspired countless poets, writers and other artists – and visiting in July gives you the chance to see why.

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Famous Russian Foods

by Natalia Rogachyova on March 22, 2012
Traditional Russian Foods

St Petersburg
offers a fabulous variety of Russian cuisine. From eating blinis on the street to dining in restaurants that aim to recreate the ambience and food of Imperial Russia, you’ll always be able to find something to suit your appetite and budget.

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Internet Access and Wi-Fi in St. Petersburg Russia

by Natalia Rogachyova on March 7, 2012

Internet access on holiday is now often considered an essential. Many people love uploading pictures, updating their family, and being able to check on the news from back home when they’re on holiday. And, like any big city anywhere, it’s easy to find internet access and wifi in St Petersburg.

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Visado para cruceristas en San Petersburgo

by Natalia Rogachyova on January 13, 2012

Según el decreto del Gobierno de la Federación Rusa No.532 de 28 de agosto, 2003, los pasajeros de cruceros que llegan a Rusia y permanecen aquí menos de 72 horas (alojados a bordo del crucero), no necesitan el visado ruso si participan en un programa turístico organizado por una companía turística certificada local.

Crucero excursion San Petersburgo

By Natalia Rogachyova on Google+
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