Weather in St. Petersburg Russia in September

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 15, 2013
St Petersburg Weather in September

If you are considering booking a cruise or a tour to St Petersburg in September, you might be interested to know what the weather may have in store for you. However, the weather may keep you guessing! At the start of the month, the average temperature will be between 17C and 9C. By the end of the month, temperatures vary between 10C and 4C.

Although you still may face showers, the weather in St Petersburg is drier in September than it is in July and August. If you’re very lucky, you may encounter the ‘babye leto’. This literally means ‘granny summer’, and is the equivalent of an Indian summer; two weeks towards the end of September where the weather is warm and sunny.

However, you would be foolhardy to rely on granny, in this instance. So pack a variety of clothes. While there is a place for shorts and sandals, you should remember that you are more likely to wear jeans and trainers, and you should take a fleece in case the weather is cool. Although it’s unlikely to be very cold, you might also want to pack a scarf, gloves, and a light waterproof jacket or umbrella.

St Petersburg in September

Pack clothes that can be layered, and that are mostly light enough to be carried in a rucksack. You won’t be able to figure out what to wear before you leave – even on the day! – so take a choice of clothes that will allow you to be adaptable, rather than packing several types of the same item.

But don’t worry too much about the weather – whatever happens, you’ll still have an amazing time. Particularly if you go early in the month, you are likely to have reasonably good weather, yet the attractions are quieter than they are in July and August.

You’ll also get the chance to experience the fantastic fall colours in the city’s parks and palace gardens. They are, arguably, at their most beautiful at in September; you will leave will some amazing memories. You should definitely make sure that at least one of your St Petersburg excursions includes a trip to Oranienbaum or Pavlovsk Palaces, where you’ll see St Petersburg at its autumnal best.

St Petersburg in September

Visiting in September also gives you a good range of places to visit, too. Most attractions, including the Peterhof Fountains and the canal cruises, will still be open. The theatre, opera and ballet companies that go on holiday in August will be back in action – there is usually an excellent range of autumn cultural events.

Another benefit is the food. September is harvest time around St Petersburg, and so it’s a good time to enjoy local produce. Famously, Russians love mushrooms, and fall is the best time of the year to visit if you’re a fungi fan.

St Petersburg Russia in September

So, although the weather may be a little bit unpredictable in St Petersburg in September, the wealth of culture and attractions is more than enough to get you packing your umbrella. And who knows – the city could be bathed in sunshine for your visit.


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