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Best Time for a Winter or Christmas Holiday in St. Petersburg

by Natalia Rogachyova on December 2, 2012
Christmas trip st petersburg

Of course Christmas is a wonderful time to visit St. Petersburg because it is winter and the area is very beautiful in the winter. What should not be expected is the typical Christmas celebration because of the fact Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January. This is about 2 weeks later than the Western Christmas and is seen as a time of religious focus and not festivities and events.

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St Petersburg for Kids: Activities Ideas

by Natalia Rogachyova on November 25, 2012
Trip to St Petersburg with kids

St Petersburg is famous as a destination for high culture, parties, fantastic architecture and museums. While the attractions for grown-ups are widely known, what isn’t is that St Petersburg is also a fabulous place for a family holiday, and is packed for things to do with your kids.

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St Petersburg in October: Trip Expectations

by Natalia Rogachyova on May 24, 2012
Visit Petersburg in October

October is a fascinating month to visit St Petersburg. The summer festivals and White Nights are over. But many of the tourists are gone, too, meaning that museums and attractions are less crowded. The days may be shorter and autumn is in the air, yet many of the season attractions are still operating. You can enjoy a visit that’s more relaxed and, perhaps, see more of the ‘real’ St Petersburg than if you visited during the height of the tourist season.

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St. Petersburg in August: Worth a Visit?

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 20, 2012
St Petersburg in August

August is one of the busiest months for foreign tourists in St Petersburg. And for good reason – the weather is amongst the best you’ll find all year, the city has plenty of family-friendly activities that will be a highlight of any child’s school holidays, and nearly all of the city’s attractions are open for visitors to enjoy.

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St Petersburg in July: Pros and Cons of Visit

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 13, 2012
Peterhof tulips

July is one of the most popular months to visit St Petersburg, for several reasons.

Firstly, the famous White Nights can be experienced during roughly the first two thirds of July. During the White Nights, people take advantage of the extended daytime hours to visit the parks, have parties, go swimming and revel in the heady atmosphere. The White Nights of St Petersburg have inspired countless poets, writers and other artists – and visiting in July gives you the chance to see why.

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