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Weather in St. Petersburg Russia in September

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 15, 2013
St Petersburg Weather in September

If you are considering booking a cruise or a tour to St Petersburg in September, you might be interested to know what the weather may have in store for you. However, the weather may keep you guessing! At the start of the month, the average temperature will be between 17C and 9C. By the end of the month, temperatures vary between 10C and 4C.

Although you still may face showers, the weather in St Petersburg is drier in September than it is in July and August. If you’re very lucky, you may encounter the ‘babye leto’. This literally means ‘granny summer’, and is the equivalent of an Indian summer; two weeks towards the end of September where the weather is warm and sunny.

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Clothing for the Baltic Cruise, Russia

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 4, 2013
Clothing for the Baltic Cruise

Once you’ve booked your holiday, you might wonder what clothing to pack for the Baltic cruise. After all – you’re going to several different destinations, the weather might be changeable – so what to wear?

In general, there are two top tips for what is appropriate.

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St. Petersburg Weather in February

by Natalia Rogachyova on December 7, 2012
Petersburg trip in February

St. Petersburg is a beautiful place to visit in the winter although February may be a month plagued with very low temperatures, cold wind and blinding blizzards. However, St. Petersburg center is a bit milder and more humid than the suburbs and it may be warmer there than in the outskirts. Nonetheless, it is it better to be prepared for the cold weather by bringing warm clothes. Still, there is an advantage to travelling in February, especially because many festivities and other activities that occur in December and January are over. This means the city is calmer in February that makes you better able to enjoy all that it has to offer without being run over by crowds.

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