Petersburg Great Choral Synagogue

The history of St. Petersburg's Jewish community has kept its official count since 1802, when the first record in the community book 'pinchas' was made. However, throughout 18th century Jews used to come to the capital of Russian Empire and stay there for long periods of time. During 19th to the beginning of 20th century a small community of Jews who used to be just visitors to the capital of Russian Empire, evolved into a rich, prosperous and powerful community, which influenced all the processes related to the life of Russian Jews and informed the spiritual and religious life of the country’s Jewry. By the end of 19th century St. Petersburg became one of the greatest world centers of Jewish life. It was there that many international Jewish organizations were created, congresses of Zionists were held, famous Jewish political figures made historic speeches. A number of St. Petersburg Jews became world famous artists, musicians, literary figures. Many pages in history of Jewish Chassidic movement 'Habad' are connected to St. Petersburg.

It is possible to order excursions of 'Jewish Petersburg'. This particular city tour will include visit to the sites related to the historic past of St. Petersburg Jewry as well as city’s contemporary Jewish organizations: The Synagogue - the Community Jewish Centers - Jewish Cemetery, and Jewish Museum.

Duration: 3 hours

Open: summer  9:00am - 6:00pm, rest of the year - 10:00am - 6:00pm, Saturdays and holidays - 10:00 - 12:00am (open only for prayers).

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