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Grand Peterhof Palace

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Grand Peterhof Palace is the central part of Peterhof Fountain Park ensemble. Its elegant 3-storey façade is flanked with glass galleries and the shining gilded domes of Peterhof Church and Coat-of-Arms Pavilion can be seen from far away. Grand Peterhof Palace stands on a 16-m terrace above Peterhof Lower Fountain Park. Peter the Great first developed his idea to create Peterhof in 1714. He personally drew up sketches of the future Peterhof Palace and park.

Peterhof was opened in 1723. Grand Peterhof Palace was originally smaller in size. The building had been many times redesigned and rebuilt until in 1747 when Peter's daughter Elizabeth commissioned the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli to put up a new palace. Luxury and room sizes in the new Peterhof Palace were strikingly impressive. The palace room plan corresponded to royal gala procession rituals: ceremonies of empress's appearance in front of the court and guests. Its luxurious gilded staircase led to a no less luxurious Ante-room decorated with gilded wood carvings and paintings. The gala enfilade (suite of rooms) appeared to be endless.

Peterhof palace Peterhof palace Peterhof palace Peterhof palace

Baroque style soon went out of fashion and was succeeded by Classicism in 1760s. Major architectural changes were done in 1770-s by the architect Y. Felten. He redesigned palace interiors in classical style.

The result of more than 200-year construction history is Grand Peterhof Palace where side-by-side with Peter the Great's time interiors glow gala baroque rooms of mid. 18th century, elegant classical and second rococo halls of 19th century.

In 18-19th centuries Grand Peterhof Palace was the official state residence of the Russian royalty. It was the venue of important state events, gala dinners and masquerades. More than 3,000 guests would attend Peterhof balls. More than 10,000 candles would be lit on gala occasions.

After the Bolshevik Revolution Grand Peterhof Palace was nationalized and turned into a state museum.

During WWII Peterhof Palace was completely burnt and destroyed. Only in 1957 was the palace façade restored anew. Admission to the palace began in 1964.

Open: 10:30am-6:00pm. In summer, it is necessary to book your entrance to the palace in advance due to high tourist traffic.

Closed - Mondays, last Tuesday.


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