Canal Tour in St. Petersburg

CANAL CRUISE IN ST PETERSBURG: St. Petersburg Tour with Canal cruise for cruise passengers, St. Petersburg Tour with Canal cruise for independent travelers

A Canal cruise through St. Petersburg's canals will let you view the city from a different perspective, admire its graceful house facades, ornate palaces of Russian nobility, while you pass under hundreds of its arched bridges. St. Petersburg inherited many features from its European 'sister cities' Venice and Amsterdam. Its similar location on islands and winding rivers determined St. Petersburg architectural look. The city boasts of more than 400 bridges connecting the scattered islands of The Neva estuary into a single well-shaped ensemble. 


"St. Petersburg has a lot of little waterways and canals and elegant bridges with decorative wrought iron railings and lamps, giving the city a charming look. We took a canal cruise and had a great time identifying the magnificent edifices and monuments!"

"Not only do you get to learn the history of St Petersburg and see its most famous landmarks, but also the canal cruise itself is an experience to remember, not unlike traveling on the gondolas of Venice."

"If you come to St. Petersburg, do not miss the chance to take a canal cruise and to look at the city from the water. It seems that architects who were building St. Petersburg were well aware of this strange angle at which you see the facades, bridges and cathedrals from a boat. Small water taxis that now are easily available may be more comfortable and interesting than any larger vessel."


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