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10 Tips for Your First Baltic Cruise

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 26, 2014

1). Whatever the season, pack clothes you can easily layer. You’re in what can be quite a changeable part of the world, so even if it is the height of summer, you may feel a little chilly. For summer, shorts, long trousers, t-shirts, a fleece, a rain jacket and sandals and sneakers are ideal. For winter, you’ll need much the same, but also a heavier coat, boots, thermals and knitwear.

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Baltic cruise with teenagers

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 20, 2013

Travel with teenagers can be tough – after all, they have passed the age where they’re likely to be impressed by play parks or animals, and they may be more interested in hanging about people with their own age than their parents or siblings. However, a Baltic cruise with teenagers can be a fun and entertaining way to spend a family holiday.

A good trick is to involve your teenagers in planning what to see. There are many, many exciting cities around the Baltic – encourage your teenager to read about all the destinations that you are going to visit. Typically, your itinerary will include several stops in Scandinavia, one in the Baltic States, and 2-3 days in St Petersburg.

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Clothing for the Baltic Cruise, Russia

by Natalia Rogachyova on April 4, 2013
Clothing for the Baltic Cruise

Once you’ve booked your holiday, you might wonder what clothing to pack for the Baltic cruise. After all – you’re going to several different destinations, the weather might be changeable – so what to wear?

In general, there are two top tips for what is appropriate.

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Baltic Cruise Guide Books

by Natalia Rogachyova on March 23, 2013
Baltic Cruise Guide Book

Baltic Cruise ship passengers may wonder which guide book to buy, ahead of a cruise. After all, you’re going to be visiting many different countries – and you might not want the expense or the hassle of carrying around guide books for everywhere.

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Currencies on the Baltic Cruise

by Natalia Rogachyova on March 1, 2013
Baltic cruise currencies

One of the joys of the Baltic cruise is that a wide variety of cultures and countries live together around what’s a relatively small sea. From the Slavic nations to the Celts and Scandinavians, you’ll hear a different local language in practically every port, as well as the highlight of St. Petersburg excursions from cruise ship.

Of course, the flip side to the cosmopolitan nature of the Baltic is that you might be using as many different currencies as you drink vodkas. And changing currencies is expensive.

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