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Easter holiday in Russia

by Natalia Rogachyova on March 27, 2012
Easter celebration in Russia

Easter, or Paskha, is the biggest holiday in the Russian Orthodox calendar. It’s important both for devout Christians and for others who simply enjoy joining in the celebrations. In 2014, the Easter Holiday in Russia is on Sunday, 20th April.

Traditionally, Russians believe that on Easter, Jesus walks on the earth and mixes with the ordinary people, while the Devil is consigned to hell. To honour Jesus, rich people treat the less well-off to a meal, and everyone visits their friends and relatives.

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Visiting St Petersburg in April

by Natalia Rogachyova on February 24, 2012
Russian Orthodox Easter

Visiting St Petersburg in April can be very rewarding. April weather is much milder than for the six preceding months of winter. Spring is very much in the air, and the last of the ice and snow has disappeared by the end of the month. There are other advantages too.

The main one is that you’ll be able to visit the Hermitage, museums, churches and other attractions in relative peace. The visitor season gradually gets busier throughout May and June and is at its peak in July and August, where you can find yourself jostling for space at major sights. However, visiting St. Petersburg in April means that you’ll have plenty of time and space to see everything you want to see, and won’t feel herded around with a crowd.

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